Make your own Tequila

The process of making Tequila is not difficult. The difficulty is in finding mature Blue Webber Agaves to make the Tequila. If you are curious on the specifics of making Tequila, check out this yahoo group for all sorts of information on how to make distilled spirits, including Tequila. You don’t need a degree in Chemistry to make beer, wine, or distilled spirits. All you need is the passion and a little bit of determination. The bigger the passion, the more successful you are going to be. I’m a member of this yahoo group.

Another yahoo group I belong to is the Austin_Zealot This is a local homebrew group in Austin, Texas.

I’ve made both beer and Blanco Tequila. Making beer is a lot more difficult and time consuming.

If you are lucky enough to get access to Blue Webber Agaves and have a secret hidden dungeon at home, you too can become a Tequilier. For more information on distilling check out


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