Don’t worry, they have lax public intoxication laws in Tequila

tequilacopblog1.jpgAfter touring the Sauza and Jose Cuervo distilleries in one day, many tourists will either be tired or drunk, in some cases both. As long as there is a designated driver, hopefully the tour bus driver, law enforcement officers in Jalisco are usually friendly and won’t harass you. This judicial police officer even volunteered to pose for a picture … what a nice guy, though he should have smiled and not look so serious. I offered to buy the police sign as a nice souvenir but the officer thought I was only kidding … which I wasn’t but I did not want to press my luck. These guys are proud of their town. Then again, if I was born in the city of Jack Daniels or the sprawling town of Budweiser, I too would be so proud of my home town.  I wonder if his rifle was loaded?


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