From Tequila Connoisseur Wannabe to Brewmaster God

Last week I finally revealed my new concotions (Mexican American Idol Beer and Lucha Libre Beeronga) and let my coworkers sample my new homemade beer. As a reward for putting up with all my beermaking jargon,they were the first in the world to taste my all-natural Mexican flavored beer. What an honor it must have been for them to be the first in the planet to sample a new, world renowned product. Surely, they must be grateful! In the end, one out of 5 coworkers agreed – “This is the best fucking beer ever! After a highly successful product promotion campaign, I look forward to mass producing my Mexican beers and sell to all the suckas out there who can’t tell the difference between Bud Light and Coors Light … is there a difference? ” “This is the best fucking beer I have ever tasted.”
– Charlie

“It’s alright.”
– anonymous coworker (for the record, this coworker is jealous of me)

“It taste like Mexican beer.”
– my brother, Flavio (yeah, no shit)

“Forget the beer, sell the shirts”
– David

“You can get sued by American Idol”
– Leslie (you think?)


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