Tres Mujeres Distillery

One of the most common sights you will see when traveling in tequila producing regions of Jalisco are tequila booths/stands located near a main road or highway. The booths are similar to firework stands that litter the U.S. roadways during the 4th of July. Pictured on this post is a booth located on the old highway to Tequila, Jalisco from Guadalajara. Many small scale distilleries use the booths to sell and market their product. Every booth I stopped by offered free samples … Ay, Caramba! The booth pictured on this post is located on the agave farm of the Tres Mujeres distillery. All of their brands are made from 100% blue agave and they do not use chemicals, flavorings, or other additives during the tequila process. Unfortunately, the tequilas displayed on the picture are not available in the U.S. Chuy, the tour guide, and I pose in front of the Tres Mujeres agave farm. The distillery is visible on the background. Chuy’s small stature caused him to get drunk due to all the free samplings early during our tour and made him pretty much incomprehensible. To start off with,his English was not that good. I do admit though, the more I drank, the more he made sense.


One Response to “Tres Mujeres Distillery”

  1. I really like Tres Mujeres blanco.

    VERY difficult to find, but a solid blanco for sure.

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